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GlobalStar, ICO, InmarSat, Iridium, SkyBridge, Teledesic: a Special Report
 Current Reports: "Satellite Telephony": Globalstar

The WebMobile at Globalstar's Headquarters in San Jose, California
(photo © PressCom)

"Globalstar: a new satellite telephony network".

RATES TO AS LOW AS 17 CENTS PER MINUTE -Newest phase in financial restructuring drops air time charges nearly 80%
SAN JOSE, Ca, Aug. 21, 2002 - Satellite telephone service is now available for only pennies more than cellular, following a dramatic price reduction announced earlier today by Globalstar, the world's most popular handheld satellite phone service. Five new pricing plans are now available in the U.S., with high-usage packages priced as low as $0.17 per minute, and the recommended list price for handsets has been reduced to only $599.

Today, over 80% of the world's land surface and essentially all ocean regions remain outside the range of cellular telephone networks, yet until now the only reliable alternative for these remote areas - satellite telephony - has been financially prohibitive for many applications. Globalstar's new U.S. pricing plan intends to completely transform the marketplace for satellite telephone services, making mobile, high-quality wireless communications from virtually anywhere far more practical and affordable than ever before for both businesses and individuals. ( Globalstar)


NEW YORK - November 22, 1999 -- Globalstar successfully launched an additional four low-earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites today on a Soyuz rocket, bringing the total number of Globalstar satellites now in space to 48 and completing the planned constellation. A final launch of four spare satellites will take place in January 2000 on a Delta II rocket.
"Another significant Globalstar milestone has been achieved with this launch, the tenth this year," said Bernard L. Schwartz, Globalstar chairman and chief executive officer. "We have a full complement of 48 satellites supporting our roll-out of commercial service and are exceedingly pleased with the satellites' health and performance." Globalstar's service providers already have begun limited distribution of service to selected individuals during "friendly user" trials in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China, Korea, South Africa, and parts of Europe. When the trial or "soft launch" period is completed in these territories, full commercial service will begin, expected early in the new year.
The latest four Globalstar satellites, manufactured by prime contractor Space Systems/Loral, were launched today at 11:20 A.M. EST from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard a Soyuz-Ikar launch vehicle. The satellites separated from the upper stage of the rocket at an altitude of 920 kilometers (571 miles) above the Earth. Flight engineers at Globalstar's ground control center in San Jose, Calif., subsequently acquired telemetry from the satellites using the six Globalstar command unit gateways located in Aussaguel, France; Yeoju, South Korea; Dubbo, Australia; Bosque Allegre, Argentina; Delareyville, South Africa; and Clifton, Texas. Globalstar engineering teams will raise these satellites to their operational altitude of 1,414 kilometers (877 miles) over the next several weeks.
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Globalstar Inaugural Launch.
(Feb. 14, 1998)
The total number of
Globalstar satellites
that have been successfully
launched are 32.
Globalstar routes a suscriber wireless phone call up through one of the 48-low-Earth orbiting satellite, down through a gateway connected to the Public Switched tlephone Network. (Photo left)


Globalstar Satellite under manufacture
by Alenia in Rome, Italy
(Photo right)

The Globalstar 48-satellite low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation will provide wireless communication via voice and data.(photo left)




 One of the Globalstar handset phones. Ericsson has signed a technology licence agreement with Qualcomm.
(photo right)

See the comparison chart of orbital altitude for satellite constellation

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